move and forwarding

Microsoft tutorial on l-values

A review on l-values in c++

  • What does std::move do ?
  • When and for whate would you use it for ?
  • What is rvalue and lvalue references ?

  • Scott Meyers talk on std::move and std::forward

std::move is an unconditional cast to an rvalue. std::forward is a conditional cost to an rvalue.

template<typename T>
typename remove_reference<T>::type&&
move(T&& param)
  unsing ReturnType = typename remove_reference<T>::type&&;
  return static_cast<ReturnType>(param);

std::move simply takes the argument and cast’s it to an rvalue. You can think of it as cast_rvalue, it does not do any move but is done prior to implementing an efficient move.

std::forward a conditional cast to an rvalue.