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variable dimension name
ith predictor
ith state
ith sample weight
all predictors
all states
identity matrix with columns entries being data point weights

Weighted Gaussian Linear regression

The log-likelihood of dataset with weighted samples which is modeled by a linear gaussian function is given by:

$$L(\mathcal{D};\boldsymbol{\theta}) \triangleq \sum_{i=1}^N \log p(\mathbf{y}_i|\mathbf{x}_i;\boldsymbol{\theta}) \, \alpha_i$$

where is a Gaussian probability density function:

with parameters .

Expansion of the log-likelihood

First without considering the weights we simplify

Simplifying with the weights:

1D Maximum likelihood

Given that we are in the 1D case ,

Set the derivaties with respect to the parameters to zero, and , and solve for and :

maximise weights

maximise variance