Hi there,

I am Guillaume de Chambrier and I am from Switzerland but I hold both Swiss-British nationalities. My origins go back to the canton of Neuchâtel but I have mostly lived in Avry, Fribourg when being in Switzerland.
I graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a first class degree in Informatics and I later obtained a Ph.D in robotics from EPFL.

I started this website for a three reasons.

The first was simply a means of marketing myself and showing the various projects I have been working on over the years.

The second reason is that I have a passion for Machine Learning and Computer Science. A website like this one allows me to concisely document my insights and ideas such that they are clear to me and others.

The third reason is that it gives me my very own platform to rant about various political-social topics.

Get in touch with me, for any reason !